A Natural Way To Help Motion Sickness In Dogs

Motion sickness in dogs is one of the most common issues our customers ask about. Whether it is car travel, boat travel or plane travel, we hear countless stories that end in the owner having to clean up an icky mess.

It usually starts the same way, your dog will start licking their lips, drooling, yawning and even whimpering. These are the early signs that your dog is becoming uncomfortable and not long after your dog may start to dry-heave or even vomit. While this is unpleasant for you, it is even more so for your dog who not only feels sick but also uneasy. 

It is our goal at Nalu Oils to stop this pattern all together. We do this with our 100% organic master synergy blends that are designed to tap into your dogs natural responses and put them at ease.

As there are two main underlying issues that can cause motion sickness, changes in equilibrium and emotion distress, we suggest a two step solution. The first is our PEACE - For Dogs that will tap into the anxiety and nervousness that travel causes pets and the second is our MOTION- For Dogs that will keep your dog's tummy troubles at bay. When combined and a drop of each is placed on their Lava Bead Charm diffuser 10 minutes before travel, these synergies can help reduce both issues related to changes in equilibrium and emotion distress. 

At Nalu Oils, we aim to target the problem and not just the symptoms of the problem, in a natural way. We do this with 100% organic and pure essential oil synergy blends. When these are combined with a safe and comfortable environment, you will see some wonderful changes in your pet.

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