Naturally Calm Your Energetic Pooch

One of the best things about dogs is their positive energy. They are bundles of pure love and joy. Coming home to a dog that greets you at the door can make a bad day good and we can never get enough of their excitement to start every day. 

While we love all these beautiful moments with our dogs, sometimes we wish we could channel that energy a little more. Less jumping up on strangers when they ring the doorbell and more tail wags while patiently waiting to meet the visitor is what we are after. CALM - For Dogs can help to deliver this outcome. 

Simply place a few drops of our 100% pure and organic CALM - For Dogs essential oil synergy blend on their Nalu Oils Lava Bead 15 minutes before guests arrive. The same can also be done to train your dog to naturally settle in the evenings or in other situations when a more relaxed dog would fare better.

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