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A Quick Guide To Your Dog's Body Language

While dogs can understand an amazing number of human words when given enough time and encouragement to learn, it can be frustrating that they will never be able to communicate back in your language. Thankfully, there are other ways to understand how your dog is feeling and these come from their body language. Their ears, tail and eyes can tell us enough to know when your best friend is fearful, stressed or excited.

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Getting Started With Essential Oils For Pets

Venturing into the world of essential oils and pets can be daunting to say the least. We want your experience with our Nalu Oils Essential Oils and accessories range to be an easy and straightforward experience so we have broken down the basics for you! How to choose a synergy blend: Each product page has some wonderful information on the main uses and benefits of the Nalu Oils essential oil blend. We currently have 5 synergy blends that help with a variety of common issues for dogs. CALM - For Dogs: Commonly used to help:  Overexcitement  Hyper-energy  Unsettled dogs To calm before socialization Frustration ENERGY - For Dogs Commonly used to help: Increase energy in older dogs Fight fatigue Over-exercised dogs...

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Welcome to Nalu Oils!

Welcome to Nalu Oils! Thanks for visiting our site and being open to learning more about natural remedies for your pets! Each of our Nalu Oils Essential Oil Blends and our Nalu Oils accessories has been tested and approved by Nalu Oils staff. We are committed to the highest quality products and want you to love every item we sell.  We hope that these items will help to improve your pet's mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Our goal is to make their lives, as well as your lives, better! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns at Thanks, Your Nalu Oils Team 

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