About us

After using Essential Oils for years and experiencing the amazing benefits of them, it became clear that there was a gap in the market. There really wasn’t a good option for people who wanted to help a wide array of issues that their pets experienced with a quality, natural product that was produced by a company that put wellbeing above profits. Nalu Oils was born in hopes of filling this gap.

Through years of research, the healing properties and benefits of essential oils have been proven and now they are available to your pets. Animals are far more sensitive to essential oils than humans are, and while that means that essential oils can work even more efficiently on pets, it also means that care must be taken to avoid toxicity poisoning or sensitivity in the animal. It is for this reason that essential oil blends designed for humans may cause more harm than good if shared with pets.

The Nalu Oils range is all 100% organic, uses 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and each blend is designed with pets' sensitivity levels in mind. These products give you a way to help with everyday issues that arise in your pet’s life, without the worry. We source the highest quality oils, create tested custom blends and make them accessible to everyone.

If you do not find the blend that you need, please email us as we are continuing to develop new blends and ways to bring value to our customers and we would love to work with you and your pet’s needs. Plus, we love hearing from you! Email us at: hello@naluoils.com

How to Use

Your pet’s mental, physical and emotional wellbeing is our biggest concern and our blends are designed to have a positive effect on each of these aspects.

Smell is the most sensitive of the five senses, and even more so for animals, and essential oils are known for their aroma. Essential oils work particularly well on animals as the compounds can travel internally through the olfactory cells and interact directly with the limbic system for an emotional response. It is also connected to the regions of the brain that control heart rate, breathing, hormone balance and blood pressure.

Topically: Essential oil compounds can be applied topically to the skin where they are absorbed through the pores and hair follicles and into the blood where they travel to different organs and systems to work.

Diffusing: Nalu Oil Lava Bead Chains are designed for diffusing the oils around the pet. Put one drop of the oil on the lava bead and attach the charm to the collar until you experience the desired effect. We suggest a maximum of 30 minutes but always monitor your pet's response and remove the lava bead if they react negatively to it. 

You can also diffuse by mixing a thin carrier oil or some water with a few drops of our blend in a spray bottle to disperse. Always shake before use.

Internally: At this stage, we do not recommend giving any Nalu Oils blends internally to pets as individual pets have different tolerances, allergies and medical routines. We always suggest consulting your veterinarian for further information on this.

Sensitivity test: To determine if you pet has sensitivity to a blend, take the cap off the blend and unplug the orifice reducer. Call your pet over and invite them to smell the oil at a comfortable distance. Waft it back and forth in front of their face. If the pet has a negative reaction, such a trying to hide from it or purposefully moving away from it, then we do not suggest using that blend on your pet. Note: You should never diffuse the oil in a confined space where the pet does not have an exit route. If you plan to use the oil topically always use one drop first on a test patch and monitor for a 24 hour period. If irritation occurs, discontinue use topically. Never use a blend topically for more than 7 consecutive days.


Storing the Blends

Oxidation: Oxygen, heat and light can deteriorate the blends over time and even make them irritating to the skin. The Nalu Oils bottles are specifically designed to minimize these effects and we always suggest storing the blends in the Nalu Oils bottles in a cool, dark place. Nalu Oil blends can be refrigerated if desired.



The anatomy of pets and oils:

The large nasal cavities of dogs, in particular, make them a prime subject for essential oils as the essential oil molecules are absorbed and carried to the bloodstream and into the central nervous system where a desired effect takes place.

While these oils are not designed to take the place of conventional veterinary care they can help with issues that are not considered acute or emergencies. They are here to help your pet’s overall health and wellbeing and when used correctly can prove amazingly effective. If the pets condition is severe, we suggest you take them straight to the veterinary hospital for care.

For best results, combine Nalu Oils with wholesome nutrition, regular exercise and grooming and limit the exposure of your pet to synthetic chemicals. Introduce Nalu Oils into your pet’s routine and see the wonders that can happen.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The customer assumes all risk, liability and responsibility for the use of Nalu Oil products.